1. Mash System
    2. Mash SystemThe inner part of our machines in touch with mash or other materials has gone through the mirror polishing process, and the outer part receives a Matt finish. In this way, we can provide our clients with a mash system featuring high technology, superior quality
    1. Fermenter
    2. FermenterOur fermenter is constructed from superior-quality food-grade stainless steel 304. Its common thickness is 3mm for 3bbl-70bbl, but the larger tanks come with a thickness of 4mm.
    1. Brite Tank
    2. Brite TankThis brite tank is used to store beer. It is wholly constructed from stainless steel. Its outer surface puts to use the 304 grade stainless steel with 2B finish, which is low-key but fully manifests high taste.
      Our product is equipped with the breather valve as well as the CO2 inflation system. Meanwhile, it can not only display the temperature and pressure on site, but also be connected with the automatic control system to realize both remote display and automatic control functions. The adjustable feet give much convenience for equipment installation. The working volume for production ranges from 7bbl to 200bbl.
    1. Milk Cooling Tank
    2. Milk Cooling TankTherefore, our product is a desirable cooling and storage machine when applied in such fields as pastures, milk stations, milk factories, food factories, beverage factories, and the pharmaceutical industry.
    1. Milk Transfer Tank
    2. Milk Transfer TankMoreover, the PU foam is adopted by our product for superior insulation property. Its thickness ranges from 50mm to 100mm. This material allows the product to maintain temperature within a two-degree loss for every 24 hours during transportation.
    1. Milk Silo
    2. Milk SiloIt is suitable for storing the already cooled fresh milk in large-sized milk stations or dairy plants. Additionally, it can keep fluid food in storage for other food or pharmaceutical factories.

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  • 1500L Brewery System for Canada Customer 500L Brewhouse for Bolivia Customer USA 10bbl Brewery System
    100L Brewery System for Canada Client 500L Brewery System for Shanghai Client 500L Brewhouse for India Customer
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  • Wenzhou Nanda Light Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd. came into existence, which mainly produced the stainless steel sanitary containers, as well as the equipment for Chinese herbal medicine extraction, concentration, evaporation, and alcohol recovery ...More