USA 10bbl Brewery System

In December 2011, our American dealers purchased the custom brewery system from our factory for the production of beer in their customers' factories.

This set of equipment involves the following machines.
Item Name Specification Type
Malt mill 200~500kg/h 1 unit
Mash tun 10bbl 1 unit
Lauter tun 10bbl 1 unit
Brew/whirlpool kettle 10bbl, heated by steam 1 unit
Wort grant 200L 1 unit
Platform for brewhouse All stainless steel 304 1 unit
Plate heat exchanger 12m2 1 unit
Wort aerator 3000L/h 1 unit
Hot water tank 20bbl, heated by steam 1 unit
Fermenter 20bbl 5 units
Brite tank 20bbl 2 units
Glycol tank 30bbl tank+ 2 set 5HP refrigeration units 1 unit
Plate and frame filter 200×200mm, with 21 pieces of filter plate 1 unit
Portable CIP Two 100L tanks+ a 3000L/h pump 1 unit
Transfer pump 3000L/h 7 units
Boiler 300kg/h
Control box It serves to control the mixer and temperature of brewhouse, and also show temperature of fermenter. 1 unit

At the end of April 2012, the equipment installation and pilot production were completed. Up to now, the equipment has operated smoothly, which makes our clientele pretty satisfied.

Brite tank Brewery system 20bbl fermenter 15bbl brewery system