About Us

Mechanical automation can dramatically improve the performance of any workshop. Upgrade your output capacity today with DAYU Light Industrial Machinery! As a prominent Chinese manufacturer, we can provide production equipment for industries such as food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical. Our inventory includes selections such as the stainless steel container, pressure vessel, beer equipment, dairy processing equipment, and a wide range of mixing devices.

Made from premium 304/316L stainless steel, these machines are applicable for all types of liquid food processing. Being a highly specialized manufacturer, we are more than prepared to accept designs and blueprints from client-side sources for customization purposes. We can also provide advanced solutions for the design, assembly, transport, and on-site installation of stainless steel tanks.

DAYU products have been approved by international standards such as ISO9001, CE, and PED. Independent import and export rights have made our equipment available in the Americas, Europe, Africa, and South-East Asia, among other regions. We have fixed clients in countries including the United States, the UK, Canada, Russia, Israel, Indonesia, the U.A.E., etc.

Incorporated in 1995, our company was originally known as NANDA Light Machinery. In 2005, we officially registered under the name DAYU Light Machinery. Presently headquartered within the industrious Wenzhou city of Zhejiang province, we have experienced phenomenal progression at an impressive growth rate of 35% each year. For consecutive years, DAYU has been designated as a “Dependable Quality Enterprise”, “Credible Contracting Unit”, and “AAA Credible Enterprise”.

We have a professional staff of 110 employees, which includes 11 sales consultants, 9 engineers, 7 senior engineers, 3 quality supervisors, 2 quality assurance specialists, 2 quantitative regulators, and a standardization manager.

Product quality and corporate credibility are major points of emphasis for DAYU. We strive to provide sincere and attentive services as a token of appreciation for our valued clientele. In recent years, we have made great headway in our mission to become a bastion of quality for manufacturers in industries such as food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics.

Quality Control
As a people-oriented company, we strive to achieve a balance between development and innovation while maintaining consistent standards for quality. The implementation of scientific management methods and modern information relay networks has greatly optimized our operation.

Production safety is our promise. Product quality is our guarantee. All raw materials are thoroughly inspected. Our manufacturing process is in strict compliance with agreed-upon blueprints. Outgoing products are rigorously tested prior to leaving the factory. In this fashion, only approved products reach our customers, delivered with service that is both efficient and friendly.

Feedback is very important to us. We have established a processing system for the chronological filing of customer suggestions regarding product quality. This system is diligently handled by designated personnel from our sales and quality management departments. Our commitment to product integrity, competitive pricing, timely delivery, and after-sales service has garnered the appreciation of customers everywhere, firmly establishing us as a trusted supplier on the market.

Staff Training
Our company has been a longstanding advocate of professional courtesy and competence. Since inception, we have focused on business skill training as well as preemptive legal and safety education. DAYU actively participates in the skill-enhancing sessions organized by either the government or industry-related associations. Through these activities, we seek to raise staff integrity while further developing company potential.