500L Brewhouse for India Customer

The 500L brewhouse for our India customer is finished, except for the installation of motor. Here are some photos of the 500L brewery system.

The 500L brew house includes the following machines
Item Name Specification Type
Mash/lauter tun with vapor condenser 500L heated by steam 1 unit
Brew/whirlpool kettle 500L heated by steam 1 unit
Yeast tank 100L 1 unit
Plate and frame filter 200×200mm, 10 pieces of filter plate 1 unit
500L lauter/whirlpool kettle and mash/brew tun

500L brew/whirlpool
500L mash/lauter tun

Mixer of lauter kettle Mixer of lauter kettle Top of lauter kettle Filter screen of lauter tun
Filter screen-front Filter screen-back Plate and frame filter Filter frame
Filter plate and filter frame Filter plate and filter frame Yeast tank

1. Delivery
The lead time is within 40 days after the seller receives the deposit of our customers.

2. Packaging
Export and Sea-worthy Standard Packing

3. Remarks
The seller will guarantee the 18 month period for free maintenance under normal use.

For more information about this system, please feel free to contact us!

Drawing for Reference

100L yeast tank 500L mash/lauter tun with condenser 500L brew/whirlpool kettle