500L Brewery System for Shanghai Client

In July 2011, a catering company from Shanghai bought the custom brewery system from our factory for beer production.

Composition of This Equipment Set
Item Name Specification Type
Malt mill 200~500kg/h 1 unit
Mash/lauter tun with vapor condenser 500L 1 unit
Brew/whirlpool kettle 500L, heated by electrical 1 unit
Platform for brewhouse All stainless steel 304 1 unit
Plate heat exchanger 8m2 1 unit
Wort aerator 1 unit
Hot water tank 1000L, heated by electricity 1 unit
Fermenter 1000L 7 units
Brite tank 1000L 5 units
Glycol tank 1500L tank+5HP refrigeration units 1 unit
Plate and frame filter 1500L/h 1 unit
Portable CIP 300L tank+ a 3000L/h pump 1 unit
Transfer pump 3000L/h 7 units
Control box It can control the mixer and temperature of brewhouse, and also show the temperature of fermenter and more. 1 unit

At the end of November 2011, the equipment installation and pilot production were finished. So far, the equipment has operated smoothly, which can fully satisfy our customers.