1500L Brewery System for Canada Customer

At the end of November 2012, our Canadian customers ordered the 1500L brewery system. This equipment set comprises the following devices.

Item Name Specification Type
Malt mill 200~500kg/h 1 unit
Mash/lauter tun 1500L 1 unit
Brew/whirlpool kettle 1500L, heated by steam 1 unit
Platform for brewhouse All stainless steel 304 1 unit
Grain hopper 900L 1 unit
Plate heat exchanger 1 unit
Wort aerator 1 unit
Fermenter 3000L 6 units
Brite tank 3000L 8 units
Transfer pump 3000L/h 2 units

For more detailed information about this system, please feel free to contact us!