1. Multi-functional Extraction TankEspecially when adopting dynamic extraction or countercurrent extraction, our product can offer superb effect, short time, high efficiency, convenient operation, high content of liquid medicines, and other advantages.
    1. Heat Reflux Extraction ConcentratorUnlike the traditional technology, this product can conduct the extraction and concentration processes at the same time. This whole machine set can truly realize the low-temperature extraction, as well as the operation under negative pressure, normal pressure, and positive pressure.
    1. Multifunctional Herbal Extraction PlantOur product combines the multifunctional extraction, vacuum concentration, and solvent recovery, thus simplifying the operating procedure. Meanwhile, the whole process of extraction, concentration and recovery is conducted in a sealed system. Thereby, it avoids such phenomenon as escape and leakage.
    1. Single Effect Vacuum EvaporatorIn particular, this product is suitable for continuously concentrating various heat-sensitive materials in the vacuum state at low temperature, such as the ferment extract, antibiotics, fermentation broth, fruit juice, milk, and some others. It is optimal for handling the multiple-variety and small-batch materials.
    1. Double Effect Vacuum EvaporatorThe vacuum concentration of liquid feeds is conducted in a completely sealed system. The concentrated material is characterized by strong flavor, uniform texture, and no pollution.
    1. Alcohol Recovery TowerThis product is perfect for the recovery of dilute alcohol in such industries as food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and light industry, among others.
    1. Ball Shaped Concentration TankDue to the adoption of vacuum concentration technology, the concentration time is quite short, and the effective constituents of heat-sensitive materials will not be damaged.
    1. Vacuum Pressure Relief Concentration Tank It is made up of six parts, including the tubular condenser, serpentine type chiller, gas-liquid separator, jacketed concentration tank, connecting pipe, as well as the liquid-receiving tank. The concentration ratio varies from 1.35 to 1.45.
    1. Alcohol Deposition TankThe cooling water can be utilized inside the dimple jacket, and the transmission parts are mechanically sealed. Furthermore, the explosion-proof motor is used to make sure that the production process is safe and also satisfies the GMP quality standards.

Pharmaceutical Equipment

Our pharmaceutical equipment is desirable for extracting and concentrating the effective constituents of Chinese herbal medicines and diversified plants. It can realize the recovery of solvents and the collection of aromatic oils.

Moreover, this product is particularly suitable for the development of new products and small batch production in hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, and R&D institutions.

Structural Features
1. The pharmaceutical equipment possesses such advantages as small floor area, exquisite workmanship, complete accessories, convenient operation, and more. It is especially proper for the small-batch and multiple-variety of production mode.
2. This machine is fitted with the vacuum pump, liquid medicine pump, filter, liquid receiver tank, and the control cabinet, among others. Our product can be categorized into steam heating type and electrical heating type. After being purchased, it is only needed to connect water, electricity or steam for use.
3. In addition, our pharmaceutical equipment is ideal for extracting water and alcohol. In use of this machine, the volatile oils can be extracted at normal or negative pressure, and also recycled.
4. The vacuum converter and the control cabinet are convenient to be operated. They can realize the normal-temperature extraction and low-temperature concentration, the normal-temperature extraction and normal-temperature concentration, as well as the low-temperature extraction and low-temperature concentration, and other technical requirements.
5. The electric heating system is characterized by advanced structural design, high efficiency, high safety, fast heating and cooling, as well as uniform heating. The pharmaceutical equipment is equipped with the pressure relief device to assure customers of safe use.
6. The reflux extraction technique can be achieved to reduce both solvents and the time for extraction and concentration.
7. The oil-water separator is uniquely designed, which can provide wonderful oil-water separation effect. Due to the adoption of glass material, it gives convenience for observation.

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