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Vacuum Pressure Relief Concentration Tank

Our vacuum pressure relief concentration tank is mostly used to concentrate and distill a variety of industrial liquid feeds, such as food, chemicals, fruit juice, oral solution, pharmaceuticals, heath care products, and more. Moreover, it is ideal for the recovery of alcohol and the simple reflux extraction of other solvents.

Structural Characteristics
This vacuum pressure relief concentration tank is made entirely from stainless steel, which features compact structure and nice appearance. It is made up of six parts, including the tubular condenser, serpentine type chiller, gas-liquid separator, jacketed concentration tank, connecting pipe, as well as the liquid-receiving tank. The concentration ratio varies from 1.35 to 1.45.

Working Principle
Materials can be sent to the concentration tank by adopting either the automatic flow or the vacuum extraction method. The jacket can be utilized for steam heating. The feeding height had better reach the center of the sight glass of our vacuum pressure relief concentration tank.

The quantity of reflux of the rising steam is controlled by the condenser. The temperature of the internal tank is controlled according to different materials. Some liquids of high boiling point with bubbles are extracted from the gas-liquid separator, and then return to the concentration tank. The industrial solvent like alcohol must pass through the chiller, and eventually be obtained in the liquid-receiving tank.

This vacuum pressure relief concentration tank is applicable for the production under normal pressure or reduced pressure, as well as the intermittent or continuous production. During the continuous production of feed materials, the feeding tube ought to be mounted with a flow meter. During the continuous production under reduced pressure, the materials in the concentration tank are not allowed to be discharged until the normal pressure inside the tank is restored.

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