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Double Effect Vacuum Evaporator

This double effect vacuum evaporator serves to concentrate such liquid feeds as traditional Chinese medicines, Western medicines, glucose, starch, monosodium glutamate, dairy goods, chemicals, and some others. It is particularly suitable for the low-temperature vacuum concentration of heat-sensitive materials. Its size is determined by our users on basis of the amount of liquid feed.

Structural Features
1. By combining vacuum evaporation and the external-heating natural circulation, the evaporation rate is pretty high, and the concentration proportion can reach 1.25-1.4.
2. The vacuum concentration of liquid feeds is conducted in a completely sealed system. The concentrated material is characterized by strong flavor, uniform texture, and no pollution.
3. The secondary steam is fully used to save energy consumption. Compared with the single effect type machine, our product can reduce the energy consumption by 43%. Simultaneously, it allows the solvents to be recycled.
4. The top cover of evaporation chamber and heater adopts the rotating-arm structure. It is convenient to clean the upper cover of the heater, which helps save both time and labor.
5. The components of our double effect vacuum evaporator touching with feed materials are constructed from stainless steel. They are made in compliance with GMP standards.
6. In use of our double effect vacuum evaporator, the water can be discharged automatically, and the labor intensity can be also lowered. Furthermore, this product offers the semi-automatic function. While placing an order, our customers are required to give a clear indication of whether or not the water needs to be automatically discharged.
7. Moreover, this double effect vacuum evaporator comes with the adverse-current feeding system. The temperature, pressure, as well as feeding and discharging materials can be automatically controlled. No person is required to work.

Main Technical Parameters
Model SN-500 SN-1000 SN-1500 SN-2000 SN-3000 SN-5000
Evaporation Capacity (kg/h) 500 1000 1500 2000 3000 5000
Steam Consumption (kg/h) 380 750 1100 1600 2500 3200
Steam Pressure (MPa) <0.1MPa
Temperature (℃) Single effect 80-90
Double effect 55-70
Vacuum Degree (MPa) Single effect 0.02-0.04
Double effect 0.05-0.08
Overall Dimension (m) L*W*H 4.5*1*3.2 5.5*1.1*3.8 6.3*1.2*4.3 6.6*1.3*4.5 7*1.4*5.1 7.8*1.8*5.8
Circulating Water Volume (T/H) 10-15 20-30 30-40 40-50 50-60 80-90

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