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Single Effect Vacuum Evaporator

Our single effect vacuum evaporator is commonly used for the evaporation and concentration of liquid feeds as well as the recovery of organic solvents in such industries as food, chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

In particular, this product is suitable for continuously concentrating various heat-sensitive materials in the vacuum state at low temperature, such as the ferment extract, antibiotics, fermentation broth, fruit juice, milk, and some others. It is optimal for handling the multiple-variety and small-batch materials.

Technical Parameters
Item DN-300 DN-500 DN-1000 DN-2000 DN-3000
Evaporation Capacity (kg/h) 300 500 1000 2000 3000
Steam Consumption (kg/h) 330 550 1100 2200 3300
Steam Working Pressure (MPa) <0.25
Vacuum Degree (MPa) 0.06-0.08
Concentration Ratio 1.2-1.35
Heated Area (m2) 5 8 16 24 40
Area for Condensation (m2) 10 16 32 48 80

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