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Multifunctional Herbal Extraction Plant

This multifunctional herbal extraction plant is a small-sized versatile extraction, concentration, alcohol deposition and recovery unit. It is a new product developed by our factory, on basis of taking example by the similar products at home and abroad.

Merits and Uses
1. Our product combines the multifunctional extraction, vacuum concentration, and solvent recovery, thus simplifying the operating procedure. Meanwhile, the whole process of extraction, concentration and recovery is conducted in a sealed system. Thereby, it avoids such phenomenon as escape and leakage.
2. The medicine residues can be fully utilized to improve the working environment and also reduce the energy consumption. All parts of the machine set in touch with feed materials are made from stainless steel in accordance with GMP standards.
3. This multifunctional herbal extraction plant can be applied in hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, and food industry. It is ideal for extracting or concentrating such substances as herbal liquid, fruit juice and more, as well as reclaiming the organic solvents.

Related Names
Organic Extract Unit | Herbal Remedies Maker | Biotech Equipment

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