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Heat Reflux Extraction Concentrator

Our heat reflux extraction concentrator is perfect for extracting and concentrating Chinese herbal medicines and animal drugs. Unlike the traditional technology, this product can conduct the extraction and concentration processes at the same time. This whole machine set can truly realize the low-temperature extraction, as well as the operation under negative pressure, normal pressure, and positive pressure.

Technical Data Sheet
Volume of Extraction Tank 1m3, 2m3, 3m3, 6m3
Volume of Concentrator 0.5m3, 1m3, 1.5m3, 2.5m3
Alcohol Extraction Temperature 78-83℃
Extraction Time 7-8 hours/batch
Vacuum Degree 0.05-0.08MPa
Working Pressure 0.08-0.2MPa

Working Principle
1. The medicinal materials are firstly put into the extraction tank. Then, the solvent is added, such as water, ethanol, methanol, acetone, and some others. Its amount is 5-10 times the amount of medicinal materials on basis of technical requirements.

2. The straightway and jacket steam valve of the extraction tank must be opened, so that the extraction solution can be heated to boiling point for 20-30 minutes. Then, a suction tube is used to pump one third of extraction liquid into the heat reflux extraction concentrator.

3. After that, the straightway and jacket steam of the extraction tank must be closed, and the heater valve is opened for concentrating the liquid feeds. During concentration, the secondary steam will be produced. It will be delivered to the extraction tank through the ascension pipe of the evaporator, for serving as heat source and solution, and also keeping boiling inside the extraction tank.

4. The secondary steam continues ascending. Through a condenser, it will be condensed into hot condensate, which will fall back to the extraction tank and then act as new solvent to be added to the medicine. The new solvent will fast pass through the medicinal material layer and fall into the bottom of the extraction tank. The effective soluble constituents in medicinal materials will dissolve in the solvent inside the extraction tank.

5. The extraction liquid will be sent to the heat reflux extraction concentrator through the suction tube. The secondary steam generated during concentration will be delivered again to the extraction tank and then act as heat source and new solvent. In this way, most of the new solvent will be collected, thus maintaining high gradient between the density of solute in medicinal materials and the density of solute in solvents.

6. The solute in medicinal material is fast dissolved. When the solute is completely dissolved and the extraction liquid is colorless, the extraction liquid must stop being sucked into the heat reflux extraction concentrator. Then, the secondary steam will be transmitted to the chiller. The concentration process will not be stopped, until the ointment is condensed to have the specific gravity of 1.2-1.35 and then be discharged for use.

7. The colorless liquid inside the extraction tank can be placed in the storage tank for reuse. The medicine residues will be discharged from the slag outlet. If the organic solvent is used for extraction, the residues must be firstly mixed with an appropriate amount of water. Next, the straightway and jacket steam should be opened. After the solvent is recycled, the residues can be removed.

Equipment Features
1. In comparison with the multifunctional tank, our heat reflux extraction concentrator is able to increase the yield of ointment by 10%-15%, and also produce more than double the quantity of the effective constituents in ointment.
2. The concentration process is completed within a set of sealing equipment, which features ultra low loss and high transformation rate. Therefore, it offers high yield of ointment and high content of effective constituents in ointment.
3. The dissolution rate of solute is high, and the extraction time is short. Additionally, the process of concentration and extraction is synchronized. Hence, it takes only 7 to 8 hours to change the medicinal materials into the condensed ointments.
4. This heat reflux extraction concentrator features simple structure, small floor area and high utilization rate, thus helping save investment.
5. During the extraction process, the solvent is added for once only. It can be recycled within a set of sealing equipment. The solvent in medicine residues can be basically extracted, so the dose of solvent in use of our product is 30% less than that in use of several extraction tanks. Moreover, our heat reflux extraction concentrator can reduce the consumption rate by 50%-70%.

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