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Single Layer Mixing Tank

This single layer mixing tank has the production capacity range from 100L to 25,000L. It often serves as the water storage tank, liquid accumulator, and the temporary storage tank, among others. This product is proper for such industries as dairy products, fruit juice, pharmaceutical chemicals, bioengineering, and more.

Structural Features
1. Our single layer mixing tank is constructed from a layer of stainless steel. All its materials adopt 304 or 316L grade stainless steel sheets.
2. This product is prominently characterized by humanized structural design and strong maneuverability.
3. Its inner wall takes advantage of circular-arc transition, thus guaranteeing a hygienic design without dead corners.
4. The inner surface of this single layer mixing tank achieves a mirror polished finish, and the roughness average can reach up to 0.4um.
5. The available agitation patterns comprise the propeller type, paddle type, frame type, anchor type, magnetic type, high-shear emulsification type, ribbon type, turbo type, hinge type, and more.
6. The mixer motor comes from such optional brands as ABB, SEW, Siemens, and the ordinary domestic motor. Its installation methods are selectable, including the top mounting type, side mounting type, and the bottom mounting type.
7. The speed of agitator can be fixed or regulated by mounting a frequency converter. A control cabinet can be utilized to control the stirring rate.

Our single layer mixing tank is configured with the quick-opening manhole, all kinds of CIP washing system, the anti-swirl baffle, the detachable feeding tube kit, the optional adjustable triangular leg and circular leg, as well as the thermometer, ladder, the liquid level gauge and liquid level control system. Among them, the thermometer, ladder, as well as the liquid level gauge and liquid level controller are installed on basis of technical requirements.

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