1. Steam Jacketed KettleThis stainless steel made product can be widely applied in hotels, restaurants, mining companies, authorities, troops, the canteens of colleges, and a variety of food processing industries. It often serves to cook food or make soup.
    1. Electrical Heating Jacketed KettleOur electrical heating jacketed kettle is always considered as an exceptional food processing device. In use of it, both labor conditions and the quality of manufactured goods can be improved, and the working hours can be significantly reduced.
    1. Gas Fired Jacketed KettleThe internal and external housing of our boiler is constructed from stainless steel. This gas fired jacketed kettle fully conforms to the hygiene requirements. It is prominently characterized by beautiful appearance, complete accessories, high safety and reliability, as well as easy installation and operation.

Jacketed Kettle

Our jacketed kettle is extensively used for cooking and stewing in all sorts of food processing industries, hotels, restaurants, mining enterprises, authorities, troops, and college canteens. Meanwhile, the stainless steel product can be also applied in such industries as pharmaceuticals, household chemicals, candies, cakes, drinks, preserves, jams, and some others. It is ideal for material dissolution, disinfection, heating, pre-cooking, cooking, preparation, blending, concentration and other processes.

Over the years, a vast amount of users have always considered that our product is a superb food processing machine which can not only improve the quality of manufactured goods, but also shorten the working time and improve the labor conditions.

Structural Features
1. Diversified Heating Methods
This jacketed kettle uses a definite pressure of steam as the heat source, featuring large heated area, high thermal efficiency, uniform heating, short heat-up time, and easy temperature control. As an option, other heating methods are also available, such as the electrical heating type, gas type, and the natural gas type.
2. Blending Style
The style of stirring materials is characterized by bottom scraping, edge scraping, non-stick cookware, uniform agitation, and no dead corner.
3. Structural Pattern
Our jacketed kettle can be either fixed type or tilting type. Based on the requirements of customers, it can be configured with agitation equipment, including the frequency control system and scraper.
4. Maximum Tilting Angle
The maximum inclination angle of our product reaches 90 degrees, and the tilting method is manual rotation. This product is configured in accordance with the needs of our clients.
5. Kettle Housing
The housing of the jacketed kettle is constructed from stainless steel in compliance with hygiene requirements. Moreover, our product features high safety and reliability, complete accessories, nice appearance, easy installation, and convenient operation.

Main Technical Parameters
Production Capacity 50L-3,000L
Max. Inclination Angle 90 degrees
Motor Power 0.75kW-2.2kW (as per customer requirements)
Heating Power 12kW-27kW (as per customer requirements)

Related Names
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