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Gas Fired Jacketed Kettle

This gas fired jacketed kettle puts to use the gas heating method. Both its bottom and side are scraped, and the pan is non-stick. In addition, the blending of materials is uniform without any dead corner.

The internal and external housing of our boiler is constructed from stainless steel. This gas fired jacketed kettle fully conforms to the hygiene requirements. It is prominently characterized by beautiful appearance, complete accessories, high safety and reliability, as well as easy installation and operation.

1. This stainless steel product is used in a wide range of applications, including hotels, restaurants, authorities and troops, mining enterprises, college canteens, and all kinds of food processing industries. It can be utilized to cook food or make soup.
2. Meanwhile, our gas fired jacketed kettle is also suitable for manufacturing candies, cakes, beverages, preserves, jams, wine, pharmaceuticals, household chemicals, and more. It gets involved in such processes as material dissolving, disinfection, heating, precooking, preparation, brewing, blending, concentrating, and more.
3. In the past several years, the vast majority of users have always believed that our gas fired jacketed kettle is an outstanding food processing machine to save great working hours, and also improve labor conditions and the quality of manufactured goods.

Main Technical Parameters
Production Capacity 50L-3,000L
Max. Inclination Angle 90 degrees
Motor Power 0.75kW-2.2kW (as per customer requirements)
Heating Power 12kW-27kW (as per customer requirements)
Heating Method Gas type, and Natural gas type
Structural Style Fixed type or Tilting type
(Based on customer requirements, our product can be configured with a stirring apparatus, accompanied with the frequency control system and scraper.)
Max. Tilting Angle 90 degrees
Tilting Method Manual rotation (according to customer needs)

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