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Steam Jacketed Kettle

Fixed Type Steam Jacketed Kettle
Tilting Type Steam Jacketed Kettle

Construction Features
1. This steam jacketed kettle adopts a definite pressure of steam as its heat source, which possesses such advantages as easy temperature control, uniform heating, great heated area, high thermal efficiency, and short time heating.
2. The internal and external housing of our product are formed by stainless steel material. This product is made in line with sanitary requirements. It is a safe and reliable product with elegant appearance, complete accessories, as well as simple installation and operation.
3. The blending of materials features non-stick pan, bottom scraping, edge scraping, uniform agitation, and no dead corner.

1. A great number of users have always believed that our steam jacketed kettle is a distinguished food processing machine to shorten working hours as well as improve the labor conditions and the quality of manufactured goods.
2. This stainless steel made product can be widely applied in hotels, restaurants, mining companies, authorities, troops, the canteens of colleges, and a variety of food processing industries. It often serves to cook food or make soup.
3. This product is also desirable for the production of wine, medicines, candies, cakes, preserves, jams, and other food. It often participates in such processes as sterilization, heating, pre-cooking, preparation, stewing, blending, concentrating, and material dissolving, among others.

Detailed Technical Data
Production Capacity 50L-3,000L
Max. Inclination Angle 90 degrees
Motor Power 0.75kW-2.2kW (as per customer requirements)
Heating Method Steam heating (Customers are requested to tell us the steam pressure.)
Structural Pattern Fixed type or Tilting type
(We can accord with the needs of customers to install the agitation equipment, including the frequency control system and scraper.)
Max. Tilting Angle 90 degrees
Tilting Method Manual rotation (as per customer requirements)

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