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UHT Pasteurizer

Our UHT pasteurizer can not only instantly sterilize the materials at high temperature, but also retain the flavor as well as the nutritional value. It is suitable for sterilizing such fluid materials as dairy products, beverages, soy milk, wine, condiments, liquid medicines, and more.

In addition, this product is designed with two helical sleeve pipes, which are constructed from stainless steel. The internal surface of the pipe has gone through a mirror polishing process, thus guaranteeing no retention of materials.

Main Specifications
Handling Capacity 0.5-1t/h, 1.5-2t/h, 3-4t/h, 5-6t/h
Sterilization Temperature 115-137℃
Steam Pressure <0.78MPa
Sterilization Time at High Temperature 3-6s
Discharge Temperature <65℃ (or according to technical requirements)

This UHT pasteurizer can accord with technical requirements to offer the self-acting sterilization control system, the self-acting discharge temperature control system, and the sterilization temperature recorder, among others.

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