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Milk Silo

This milk silo is also called milk storage tank. It is suitable for storing the already cooled fresh milk in large-sized milk stations or dairy plants. Additionally, it can keep fluid food in storage for other food or pharmaceutical factories.

The milk silo is fitted with the washing system, stirring system, the lighting and perspective device, as well as the temperature indicator and the liquid level gauge.

Technical Description

1. Material
Our milk silo is wholly made from exceptional-quality SUS304-2B or SUS316L stainless steel.

2. Structural Features
This product has a cylindrical body, a skirt bottom, and a conical head. The apex angle of the cone is 15 degrees. Moreover, the product adopts PU foam for thermal insulation. Both its main body and bottom come with the honeycomb-shaped cooling jacket. Its volume ranges from 3,000L to 120,000L.

3. Standard Configurations
a. One airtight side manway at the bottom of the tank
b. One side mounted agitator at the bottom of the tank (960rpm)
c. One PT100 digital thermometer with the temperature display range from 0 to 100 degree Celsius
d. Two CIP cleaning balls
e. An aseptic sampling valve
f. Fly-proof and insect-proof breathable cap
g. Material inlet or outlet
h. Cooling-medium inlet or outlet
i. Liquid level gauge
j. Ladder with guardrail and the guardrail on top of the tank

Technical Parameters
Model Effective Volume (V) Outer Diameter (D) Total Height (H) Insulating Layer Inlet-Outlet Diameter Motor Power Side Agitator Speed
BYCG-15 15000 2200 6500 100 φ51 4 960rpm
BYCG-20 20000 2380 7150 100 φ51 4 960rpm
BYCG-30 30000 2700 7850 100 φ51 5.5 960rpm
BYCG-50 50000 3200 9200 100 φ51 5.5 960rpm
BYCG-60 60000 3400 9800 100 φ51 5.5 960rpm
BYCG-100 100000 3620 12990 100 φ51 5.5×2 960rpm
BYCG-120 120000 3700 14200 100 φ51 5.5×2 960rpm

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