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Milk Transfer Tank

10T Milk Transfer Tank Structural Chart of Milk Transfer Tank

Our milk transfer tank is ideal for long distance transportation of milk or other liquid food. It is widely applied in dairy and stock farms.

1. This product is formed by SUS304 stainless steel, thus offering high durability and also meeting the food safety requirements.
2. A CIP ball is built into our product, all corners of which have been well polished for being easily cleaned.
3. Moreover, the PU foam is adopted by our product for superior insulation property. Its thickness ranges from 50mm to 100mm. This material allows the product to maintain temperature within a two-degree loss for every 24 hours during transportation.
4. Our milk transfer tank can be divided into 1-3 sections as customers need. This can not only improve our health conditions, but also save both labor and the cost of transportation.

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