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Milk Cooling Tank

1. Introduction
Our milk cooling tank basically serves to store and preserve fresh milk or other fresh liquid. It can be placed at Village Dairy Cooperative Society where the milk is collected every morning and evening from milk manufacturers. The milk collected had better be stored in the bulk milk cooler. It will be cooled from the ambient temperature to 4 degrees Celsius within 3 hours.

This product makes full use of the world's leading technology. In addition, it comes with the security and protection system, as well as the non-fluorine refrigeration system imported from European Maneurop. Therefore, our product is a desirable cooling and storage machine when applied in such fields as pastures, milk stations, milk factories, food factories, beverage factories, and the pharmaceutical industry.

2. Tank Part
a) Volume: 100L-20,000L
b) Vertical type or Horizontal type: The vertical style milk cooling tank commonly possesses the capacity of less than 500L, and the horizontal style product we make has the capacity of over 500L. Moreover, the product can be customized upon request. Don’t hesitate to tell us any requirement for the product configurations.

1. Vertical Cylindrical Type Milk Cooling Tank with Its Capacity of Less Than 500L 2. Horizontal Type Milk Cooling Tank with Its Capacity of Over 500L

c) Design: The direct expansion technology brings the optimal heat exchange.
d) Material: This milk cooling tank is made entirely from stainless steel 304, which meets the dairy hygiene standards. Its isolation material is formed by PU foam with its thickness range from 50mm to 100mm. This material allows the temperature to be maintained within a two-degree loss for every 24 hours of storage without power. Thanks to the adoption of the age-proof PU foam, the heat preservation layer can be prominently characterized by superb heat insulation.
e) Components: Moreover, this product is assembled with the automatic cleaning ball as well as the mixing system. It is also mounted with adjustable support legs for slope adjustment.
f) Polishing Technology: Its inner part is subjected to a mirror polishing process.

3. Mixing System: The low-power noiseless agitator is used for efficiently stirring and preventing milk from freezing.

4. Dimple Jacket

5. Refrigeration System
The refrigeration equipment can be either body-mounted type or separated type upon request.

The refrigeration system adopts the distinguished-performance and energy-saving compressor imported from European "Maneurop". It is also equipped with the trustworthy midpoint protector, for the purpose of preventing equipment from burning out resulted from over loading or system failure.

This system is able to cool a large area of the internal vessel surface. It puts to use the automatic computer control system for observation and operation, so as to fast lower the temperature to 4ºC and then maintain the constant temperature. Then, the growth of the bacteria can be effectively inhibited.

a) Compressor Imported from Maneurop France or Copeland U.S.A.

6. Technical Parameters for Cooling System Components
Item Name Quantity Brand Origin
Compressor 1 or 2 Danfoss Maneurop France
Air Condenser 1 Feixiang or Kaidi Shanghai, China
Reservoir 1 Huangqiu China
Gas-liquid Separator 1 Emerson Mexico
Filter 1 Emerson Mexico
Back Flow Filter 1 Emerson Mexico
Electromagnetic Valve 1 Castel Italy
Expansion Valve 1 Danfoss France
High and Low Pressure Gauge 1 Changcheng China
High and Low Pressure Control 1 Changcheng China
Sight Glass 1 Heli China
Coolant (R404) 1 Iones UK
Electrical Control 1 Delixi China
Motor 1 Suneng China

7. Characteristics of Control Panel
a) The control panel comes with a digital temperature meter that can show temperature clearly.
b) Additionally, it offers the functions of adjusting the milk temperature and setting the control system of the refrigeration equipment.
c) The agitator can be adjusted for complete blending.
d) Our control cabinet can be made from 304 grade stainless steel. Alternatively, it can be sprayed with paint.
e) We offer such electrical supply as the single phase 220V, 50HZ, or the three phases 380V, 60HZ. Based on customers’ requirements, we can also supply the other types.

The seller will give a one-year guarantee for free maintenance under normal use.

Pictures of Vertical Type Milk Cooling Tank

Pictures of Horizontal Type Milk Cooling Tank

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