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Falling Film Evaporator

Our single-effect or multi-effect falling film evaporator is ideal for continuous evaporation and concentration at low temperature in such industries as milk, glucose, starch, xylose, pharmaceutical, chemical, bioengineering, environmental engineering, waste liquor recovery, and some others.

This product is prominently characterized by highly efficient heat transfer, and short heat-up time of material, among others. Therefore, it is especially suitable for heat-sensitive materials, viscous materials, foam materials, and more.

System Components
The falling film evaporator consists of the evaporator, separator, condenser, steam ejector, sterilizer, insulating tube, vacuum system, the fluid transfer pump, condensed water drainage pump, operating platform, the electrical equipment and instrument control cabinet, as well as valves, pipelines, and some others.

Prominent Characteristics
1. The steam heating is uniform, and the liquid material takes advantage of film evaporation. Consequently, our falling film evaporator remarkably features high heat-transfer efficiency, short heat-up time, and some others. If equipped with a steam ejector, it will offer such advantages as energy saving, low steam consumption, and the low volume for circulating cooling water, among others.
2. The material is evaporated at high speed and high pressure, while it flows down along the inner wall of the pipe. Our product is suitable for the evaporation and concentration of the large-viscosity liquid material.
3. In each pipe, the material is evaporated in the form of thin film. Additionally, the heat-up time of liquid material is rather short. Hence, the evaporation and concentration of food can be significantly facilitated, and most of the nutritious ingredients can be preserved.
4. The evaporation process in vacuum environments can not only guarantee the environmental requirements and the hygiene requirements of the material, but also enormously lower the evaporation temperature.

Through the steam ejector, a part of secondary steam will be utilized again for being mixed with live steam. This can save the consumption of live steam. Simultaneously, the steam will enter the heated housing through the steam ejector in the form of spray mist. The steam will be diffused rapidly, and the liquid material is gently heated. Thus, our product is proper for the concentration of heat-sensitive materials.

5. Moreover, this falling film evaporator is applicable for evaporating and concentrating the foam materials. The film evaporation inside pipes allows the liquid material to achieve vapor-liquid separation. Meanwhile, most of the liquid materials will be pumped from the bottom of our product. Only a small portion of liquid material accompanied with all secondary steam will be sent to the separator for enhanced separation. The whole process can avoid the formation of foam.
6. In food industry, this falling film evaporator offers such functions as evaporation, concentration, and sterilization. The material must be preheated prior to entering the sterilizer. After being heated to over 94 degrees Celsius for approximately 24 seconds, the material will enter the single-effect machine. Flash evaporation of the material will occur, and the temperature will be decreased instantly.
7. Our machine can be fitted with CIP system to realize cleaning in place. This full set of equipment features convenient operation and no dead corner.
8. This product is able to get materials in and out continuously.
9. The falling film evaporator can be configured with an automated system to automatically control the feed quantity, heating temperature, the discharging concentration, and the cleaning process. Furthermore, this product can be equipped with the sensitive-material protection system. It can also achieve the automatic operation and control of the security alarm and other systems.

Specifications and Models
Model of Tri-Effect Falling Film Evaporator BNJM03-XX
Water Evaporation (L/h) 3000, 4000, 5000, 8000, 10000, 12000, 15000, 20000, 25000, 40000
Process Flow
Technical Parameters
Type Single Effect Double Effect Triple Effect Quadruple Effect Quintuple Effect
Water Evaporation 300-2000 1200-4000 3600-15000 8000-50000 10000-65000
Feed Concentration % Determined by the material from our clientele
Discharging Concentration % Determined by the material from our clientele
Steam Pressure (MPa) 05-0.8
Steam Consumption (kg/kg)
Evaporation Capacity (with Steam Ejector)
0.65 0.38 0.28 0.23 0.19
Evaporation Temperature (℃) 45-90
Sterilization Temperature (℃) 90-110
Cooling Water Consumption/ Evaporation Capacity (T/T)
(Water inlet 20 ℃, Water outlet 40 ℃)
28 11 8 7 6
Remarks: Apart from the specifications mentioned in the table, we can also design our product on basis of the needs of customers.

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