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Milk Cream Separator

This DHC series milk cream separator is considered as one of the most precise machines in the milk production line. The product is basically used to separate cream from the milk. It offers such functions as clarification, degreasing, and purification. All connectors are constructed from stainless steel.

Our milk cream separator is made on basis of the food safety requirements. In terms of the design, production and inspection, this product can fully comply with the national standard GB10897 and GB10898.

Technical Parameters
Model DHC-270 DHC-400 DHC-500 DHC-580
Production Capacity (L/h) 1000 2000 5000 8000
Bowl Speed (rpm) 7302 7069 6626 4900
Motor Power (kW) 4 7.5 15 22
Net Weight (kg) 550 810 1560 2200
Overall Dimension (L*W*H) 950×950×1250mm 1500×1100×1500 1772×1500×1855 1970×1560×1970

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