1. Mash SystemThe inner part of our machines in touch with mash or other materials has gone through the mirror polishing process, and the outer part receives a Matt finish. In this way, we can provide our clients with a mash system featuring high technology, superior quality
    1. FermenterOur fermenter is constructed from superior-quality food-grade stainless steel 304. Its common thickness is 3mm for 3bbl-70bbl, but the larger tanks come with a thickness of 4mm.
    1. Brite TankThis brite tank is used to store beer. It is wholly constructed from stainless steel. Its outer surface puts to use the 304 grade stainless steel with 2B finish, which is low-key but fully manifests high taste.
      Our product is equipped with the breather valve as well as the CO2 inflation system. Meanwhile, it can not only display the temperature and pressure on site, but also be connected with the automatic control system to realize both remote display and automatic control functions. The adjustable feet give much convenience for equipment installation. The working volume for production ranges from 7bbl to 200bbl.
    1. Hot Water TankOur hot water tank features double-layer structure. It can be filled with thermal insulation materials on basis of the needs of our users. Its inner part receives a polished finish with Ra of 0.4μm, and its outer part adopts mirror board or Matt board for heat preservation. Our product has different volumes that vary from 500L to 300,000L. It can be also designed and manufactured in accordance with the actual needs of our customers.
    1. Plate Heat ExchangerAfter the plates are assembled, the multi-point contacts of two corrugated plates can enhance the rigidity and hardness of the plates, so as to withstand the large pressure difference between two channels.
      The medium can be easily in a turbulent flow within the channel, which can slow down the formation speed of fouling.
    1. Plate and Frame FilterOur plate and frame filter is constructed from stainless steel. Its plate and frame are completely made from stainless steel SUS304 material. Its sealing material is formed by the medical-grade white silicone rubber, which can resist the temperature of no more than 140 degrees Celsius. Both plate and frame of the filter have smooth surface. They are thoroughly cleaned without any dead corner, and the operating temperature is at most 140 degrees Celsius.
    1. Sanitary Centrifugal PumpThis sanitary centrifugal pump features high working efficiency and significant economic benefits. It can satisfy both sanitary and aseptic needs during the treatment process.
      Owing to its high softness and strong chemical resistance, our product causes no damage to the material.
    1. Clean-In-Place SystemOur clean-in-place system can be used for small-sized food production line. This system takes full control of the temperature, pressure, concentration, flow rate, liquid level, and other aspects. Thus, it can cater for the needs for automatic cleaning of all production stages.
    1. Malt MillThe malt mill with two drawing rollers features the simplest structure among similar products. These two rollers rotate in opposite directions during the grinding process. The rotational speed of one roller is fixed, while the rotational speed of the other one is adjustable. During operation, the malt can be evenly distributed on the whole rotary drum. Moreover, our product offers an appropriate amount of materials and a consistent feeding speed.
    1. Wine TankOur wine tank can be either standardized or custom-made. Its size can be large or small. The wine made by our product can be red or white. As we all know, the production of perfect wine depends upon the exceptional-quality tank. DaYu has over a decade of experience in manufacturing this product. Relying on our professional design and rigorous quality standard, we are confident to offer customers the best goods.

Brewery Equipment

Our brewery equipment is constructed from stainless steel sheets, which features smooth surface, outstanding structural performance, convenient operation and sanitation. This production line mainly includes the malt mill, mash tun, whirlpool kettle, plate heat exchanger, hot water tank, fermenter, equipment cleaner, cooling system, electrical distribution equipment, simple water-treatment system, and more.

The daily production capacity of our equipment is basically divided into 300L, 500L, 1,000L, and 2,000-10,000L, among others. Moreover, we can accord with the requirements of different users to design and manufacture the mini-sized brewery equipment of various specifications and special types.

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