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Clean-In-Place System

300L CIP Tank with Pump Centrifugal Pump (Fixed Type) CIP System

1. Our clean-in-place system can be used for small-sized food production line. This system takes full control of the temperature, pressure, concentration, flow rate, liquid level, and other aspects. Thus, it can cater for the needs for automatic cleaning of all production stages.

2. The mobile CIP cleaning system is made up of two or three 50-100L insulated tanks, the CIP cleaning solution supply pump, the liquid-circulation type return pump, the heating system (steam or electric heating), valves, and the control cabinet. It is mounted on a small vehicle. Additionally, it can be connected with cleaning equipment in use of the hose.

3. The 50L clean-in-place system is applicable for approximately 300L beer production equipment made in hotels. It mainly comprises the acid tank, disinfectant tank, recycled water tank, CIP pump, as well as both hot and cold alkali tanks, among others.

4. All tanks are constructed from superior-quality 304 stainless steel material. They take advantage of the argon arc welding technology, and receive a polished finish both internally and externally. The pipe fittings and valves possess exceptional quality. They are connected by adoption of optimum technology.

5. Furthermore, the clean-in-place system puts to use the advanced cleaning process, which primarily includes the hot clean water, hot alkali water, clean water, acid cleaning, H2O2 cleaning, and pure water cleaning.

6. After all stages are completed, the washing liquid must be recycled at any time to reduce the environmental pollution.

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