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Plate and Frame Filter

Our plate and frame filter is constructed from stainless steel. Its plate and frame are completely made from stainless steel SUS304 material. Its sealing material is formed by the medical-grade white silicone rubber, which can resist the temperature of no more than 140 degrees Celsius. Both plate and frame of the filter have smooth surface. They are thoroughly cleaned without any dead corner, and the operating temperature is at most 140 degrees Celsius.

This product can be grouped into two main categories, including the stainless steel frame structure with a sanitary type feed pump (BASB/400NN-1 type), and the thrust plate combined with frame structure without a feed pump (BASB/400NN-2 type).

There are 4 corner pores on each piece of the stainless steel plate and frame filter. Only 2 corner pores on the same side are connected with the inner part. The plate and the frame are alternatively arranged. The filter plate has pores on both sides, while the filter frame has no pore.

During filtration, the material is fed from 2 corner pores on one side of the filter frame. After passing through the filter layer or the filter medium, the clear liquid will be discharged from 2 corner pores on one side of the filter plate.

1. Paperboard-based Filter: This device is suitable for clamping various filter boards with the thickness ranging from 3mm to 5mm, such as the support plate, pre-filter plate, refined filter plate, bacteria-removal plate, and more.

2. Plate and Frame Type Diatomite Filter: This machine is able to enlarge the space capacity of the filter frame, by widening the filter frame to 25-40mm. After the support plate is mounted between the plate and frame, the diatomaceous earth, activated carbon, or other filter aids must be pre-coated for filtration.

Suitable for Numerous Filtration Materials
Our stainless steel plate and frame filter is appropriate for additives and plenty of professional refined filter, including the beer or wine refined filter board, the purification board, fungi-extinguishing board, support plate, and strainer plate, among others.

Due to the special structure of plate and frame, this stainless steel plate and frame filter can be applied in various filtration materials, and cater for distinct requirements of users for filtration technologies.

Therefore, the plate and frame filter can give extremely wide applications, such as the alcohols (fruit wine, port wine, health wine, yellow rice wine, beer, white spirit, and some others), the liquid medicines (Chinese herbal medicine extracts and other medicament filtration), beverages, soy sources, vinegar, honey, syrups, various oils (edible oils and industrial oils), and chemical products, among others. The required effects like coarse filtration, refined filtration, micro-filtration, sterilization, and more can be achieved by selecting different precision of filter materials.

Main Specifications and Parameters
Pressure for Filtration ≤0.4MPa
Temperature of Filtration 0℃~180℃
Closing Mode Manual closing by the screw/hydraulic system
Model Number of Filter Plate Filter Area (m2) Filter Capacity
(T/h Water)
Outer Plate Size (mm) Overall Dimension (mm)
BASB400-1(2) 31 4 3~4 400 x 400 1550x670x1150
BASB400-1(2) 41 5.5 4~6 400 x 400 1700x670x1150
BASB400-1(2) 61 8 6~8 400 x 400 2000x670x1150
BASB400-1(2) 71 9.5 8~10 400 x 400 2200x670x1150
BASB400-1(2) 101 13.5 10~13 400 x 400 2650x670x1150

Filtration Principle and Procedure

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