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Cold Liquor Tank

Structural Drawing of Cold Liquor Tank

This cold liquor tank serves to cool the plate heat exchanger, fermenter, and the brite tank in the beer production line.

1. The product has two layers. It can be filled with heat insulation materials as per customers' requirements. Its inner part is polished to Ra of 0.4μm, and its outer part adopts mirror board or Matt board for heat preservation.
2. The volume of our product ranges from 500L to 50,000L. It can be also designed and made in line with the actual needs of our clients.
3. This product is a rather high cylinder. Its upper and lower bottoms are conical.
4. Moreover, our cold liquor tank adopts the dimple jacket for cooling. The jacket is distributed according to the heat transfer area and technical requirements.
5. On top of our product, there is the CIP cleaning ball.
6. In addition, the top of our product is designed with the manway, water inlet, reflux inlet, overflow outlet, and CIP inlet. In accordance with the technical needs, it can be mounted with air respirator.
7. Furthermore, our product is also fitted with the thermometer and the liquid level gauge. All accessories are connected by tri-clamp.

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