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Hot Water Tank

Hot Water Tank Structural Chart of Hot Water Tank

Our hot water tank features double-layer structure. It can be filled with thermal insulation materials on basis of the needs of our users. Its inner part receives a polished finish with Ra of 0.4μm, and its outer part adopts mirror board or Matt board for heat preservation. Our product has different volumes that vary from 500L to 300,000L. It can be also designed and manufactured in accordance with the actual needs of our customers.

Structural Features
This product has covers on both ends. Its main body is a cylinder with a considerable height.

The product can be applied in such industries as food, beverages, dairy products, condiments, beer brewing, pharmaceutical, chemical, and bioengineering, among others. Made from high-quality SUS304 stainless steel, the hot water tank features advanced technique and exquisite appearance. It can satisfy both food hygiene standards and GMP requirements.

Jacket Structural
The jacket of our product is divided into multiple segments for heating. The first and second segments of this device are designed with dimple jacket in use of punch forming technology. They are distributed in compliance with the heat transfer area and techniques. One segment of the conical bottom also utilizes the punch-forming type dimple jacket. It is usually distributed in the largest area, and puts to use steam for heating.

Washing System
The clean-in-place (CIP) cleaning bass is mounted on top of our product.

The top of the hot water tank is designed with the manway, water inlet, reflux inlet, overflow outlet, CIP inlet, and disinfection mouth. Based on the technical needs, our product can be also installed with air respirator. Moreover, it is equipped with the thermometer and the liquid level gauge. All accessories are connected by tri-clamp.

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