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Brite Tank

DaYu Product Structural Chart of Brite Tank 3bbl Brite Tank

This brite tank is used to store beer. It is wholly constructed from stainless steel. Its outer surface puts to use the 304 grade stainless steel with 2B finish, which is low-key but fully manifests high taste.

Our product is equipped with the breather valve as well as the CO2 inflation system. Meanwhile, it can not only display the temperature and pressure on site, but also be connected with the automatic control system to realize both remote display and automatic control functions. The adjustable feet give much convenience for equipment installation. The working volume for production ranges from 7bbl to 200bbl.

This device utilizes dilute alcohol as the cooling medium for heat exchange inside the dimple jacket.

Structural Features

1. Tank Appearance
Our brite tank is designed with dished heads at both ends.

2. Jacket Structure
Its jacket can be split into multiple segments for cooling. The first and second segments of our tank adopt the plug welded dimple jacket in use of punch forming technology. They are distributed according to the heat transfer area and technical needs. One segment of the tank bottom also utilizes the plug welded dimple jacket.

3. Cleaning System
The clean-in-place (CIP) system on top of the brite tank can make the wash water and CO2 gas share the same pipe and then enter this device. Moreover, it can guarantee the pressure and flow velocity of both wash water and CO2 when entering our device.

4. Accessories
We can provide our customers with either top manway or side manway. The top of our device is mounted with safety valve. When the pressure inside our product exceeds the working pressure and reaches 30psi, the safety valve will be switched on automatically for pressure reduction. After that, it will be closed automatically.
In addition, this device is configured with the thermometer, pressure gauge, sampling valve, material outlet, and the butterfly valve. All accessories are connected by tri-clamp.

5. Monitoring System
a. This brite tank is assembled with a joint for the measurement and control of the temperature of the fermentation broth at any time.
b. Our product is also equipped with a thermometer that provides convenience for in-situ observation.
c. Moreover, this device comes with a sampling valve at the position where the operation can be made convenient. This valve is able to sample and analyze the fermentation broth inside our product at any time.

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