1. Side Manway Fermentation TankThis side manway fermentation tank with plug welded dimple jacket is a closed vertical cylinder with conical bottom. As a primary machine in the brewery, our product is ideal for small and medium-sized beer companies.
      After the coagulum is filtered, the cold wort is sent to this fermenter from its bottom. Next, yeast is added for fermentation. The heat produced in the fermentation process will be carried by the cooling medium inside the jacket, so as to make the fermentation process proceed smoothly.
    1. Top Manway Fermentation TankOur top manway fermentation tank acts as an essential device in the fermentation chamber of the brewery. It is a cylinder with conical bottom, which is perfect for small and medium-sized beer companies.
      During fermentation, the ventilatory capacity, aging time, fermentation time, the amount of yeast, and the temperature of the wort are based on the fermentation technology. The operating temperature inside our fermenter varies from -1 degrees Celsius to 15 degrees Celsius. The working pressure on top of the fermenter reaches 0.09MPa.


1. Our fermenter is constructed from superior-quality food-grade stainless steel 304. Its common thickness is 3mm for 3bbl-70bbl, but the larger tanks come with a thickness of 4mm.
2. All tanks are made for up to 15PSI, and examined at 30PSI. They come standard with 25% head space on top of working volume.
3. The conical fermenter has a cylindrical body, a dished head, as well as the racking arm. Its 60° conical bottom is designed for fermentation, beer improvement, and yeast reproduction.
4. Our tank internally receives a polished finish with Ra>0.22um. Additionally, it externally receives a brushed, mirrored or 2B finish.
5. The fermenter adopts the dimple plate jacket cooled by glycol or cooling water. Its insulation material is PU foam, which can keep warm well.
6. This product can be customized in accordance with the specifications provided by our clients.

The tank body offers a one year warranty. It is equipped with the following devices.

4" hopper port
Pressure relief valve (PVRV)
Shadeless manway
CIP pipelines
1" butterfly valve for CIP pipeline
Rotating racking arm with TC butterfly valve
Pull handle butterfly for drain with elbow
Sampler valve
Pressure gauge
60° conical bottom
1 extra 2" spare hole for CO2 stone on side of tank body
4 adjustable solid legs

Dimple Plate Cooling Jacket Legs The height of four cylindrical legs is adjustable.
Manway: The hygienic-level shadeless manhole is able to meet the sanitary standard.
Accessories of Tank
Manway Butterfly valve Pressure gauge Temperature gauge
Sample valve Carbonation stone Safety valve CIP ball

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