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Side Manway Fermentation Tank

10BBL Fermenter Structural Chart of Side Manway Fermentation Tank 2000L Fermenter

This side manway fermentation tank with plug welded dimple jacket is a closed vertical cylinder with conical bottom. As a primary machine in the brewery, our product is ideal for small and medium-sized beer companies.

Working Principle

1. After the coagulum is filtered, the cold wort is sent to this fermenter from its bottom. Next, yeast is added for fermentation. The heat produced in the fermentation process will be carried by the cooling medium inside the jacket, so as to make the fermentation process proceed smoothly.
2. During fermentation, the aging time, fermentation time, ventilatory capacity, the dose of yeast, and the temperature of the wort fully comply with the fermentation technology. The working temperature inside the side manway fermentation tank ranges from -1 to 15 degrees Celsius, and the working pressure on top of the fermenter is 0.09MPa.
3. After the fermentation broth satisfies the technical requirements, the precipitated yeast must be first expelled, and then the fermentation broth is discharged. After the liquid is emptied, both accessories and the inner wall of our equipment must be thoroughly rinsed for the next-time fermentation.
4. This side manway fermentation tank adopts dilute alcohol as the cooling medium, which is used for heat exchange within the dimple jacket.

Technical Specifications

No. Items Internal Tank Internal Jacket
1 Working Pressure (MPa) 0.09 0.4
2 Design Pressure (MPa) 0.09 0.4
3 Operating Temperature (℃) -1 ~15 -4
4 Design Temperature (℃) -1 -4
5 Medium Fermentation Broth Glycol
6 Range of Working Volume (L) 500L ~25000L
9 Material of Pressure Parts 304
10 Corrosion Allowance (mm) 0
11 Welded Joint Efficiency 0.85 (Double-sided Welding)

Structural Features

1. Shape of Tank Bottom
The bottom of the side manway fermentation tank is a toriconical head with cone angle of 60°, which is conducive to yeast sedimentation and also provides convenience for discharging yeast.

2. Shape of Tank Body
The tank body is cylinder-shaped and rather high. It allows the fermentation broth to form natural convection on a vertical surface, which is beneficial to the temperature control of the fermentation broth.

3.Jacket Structure
The jacket of our side manway fermentation tank is divided into multiple segments for cooling. The first and second segments of the tank body make use of the plug-welded dimple jacket. They are arranged in accordance with the heat transfer area and technical requirements. One segment of the conical bottom also adopts the plug-welded dimple jacket, which is usually arranged in the largest area. During fermentation, the jacket can partially or wholly get in touch with the cooling medium on basis of the temperature variation inside our machine. Then, the technical requirement for fermentation temperature can be satisfied.

4. Washing System
Due to the adoption of the clean-in-place (CIP) system on top of our machine, the wash water and CO2 gas can share the same pipe to be sent into our product. Additionally, their pressure and flow velocity can be guaranteed.

5. Dosing System
Our product is configured with the inlet for both hops and CO2, so as to meet distinct technical requirements.

6. Accessories
On the side of our machine, there is a manway. In addition, the top of this machine is equipped with the safety valve. When the pressure inside our product exceeds the working pressure and reaches 0.095MPa, the safety valve will be automatically opened for gas evacuation and pressure reduction. After the pressure is reduced, the safety valve will be automatically closed. When the pressure inside the fermenter is reduced to -0.002MPa, the air should enter into our machine to prevent the vacuum valve from being automatically opened. Then, the differential pressure of the internal and external tank is balanced, and the equipment will not be deflated or damaged.
Our accessories include the thermometer, pressure gauge, sampling valve, racking arm, and the butterfly valve. All of them are connected by tri-clamp.

7. Monitoring System
a. This side manway fermentation tank is assembled with a joint which can measure and control the temperature of the fermentation broth inside our fermenter at any time.
b. Our product is also mounted with the onsite thermometer, thus providing convenience for in-situ observation.
c. Moreover, this product is equipped with the sampling valve at the position where the operation is made convenient. This valve can regularly sample and analyze the fermentation broth inside the fermenter.

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Elbow Bend Thermometer Thermometer Casing Pressure Gauge

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